Free Beacon barred from covering Jon Ossoff campaign event

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The Washington Free Beacon was told by Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff’s campaign that it was not welcome to cover remarks that he was scheduled to deliver to supporters on the night before Tuesday’s special election.

The Free Beacon was approached immediately upon entering Ossoff’s Monday night event by Ossoff spokesperson Sacha Haworth, who proceeded to escort the reporter out of the event.

Asked why the Free Beacon was being restricted from covering the event, Haworth said, “Thank you very much for your interest in covering our race.” Asked why the Free Beacon wasn’t being allowed to cover the race despite its interest, Haworth said, “Thank you very much for your interest in covering our race.”

The Ossoff campaign has previously declined to provide the Free Beacon with information on the campaign’s schedule.

Numerous reporters gathered inside the campaign office for Ossoff’s speech, during which he said that “politics does not have to be about … division,” according to the Associated Press, one of the outlets granted access to the event.

It is unclear whether any other outlets were restricted from covering the event. Ossoff’s campaign declined to answer whether any other outlets had been barred.

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